Is it safe to buy on Door?

Absolutely! All tickets are sold with permission of the organisation and/or artist. In this way no visitor or fan risks being conned with illegal tickets, you just have the opportunity to order the official tickets.

Edit an event

How do I edit my event?
If the details of your event are changed, you can log on to your profile, go to my events and click on edit event. Here you can modify time, location and all other information.

How do I remove my event from DOOR?
If an event has been cancelled, you can always remove it. To do so, log on to your profile, go to my events and click on the little cross next to the image of the event.

I can’t find my event?

I created an event, why can’t I find it back? Door always checks new events first. After verification, the event is published as soon as possible! 

No tickets found

The event I’m searching for doesn’t offer tickets, what should I do now?

It’s possible that we don’t know through which channel the tickets are sold. You can send us the link, so we can verify the authenticity, to offer you a safe way to buy the tickets. As soon as the link has been approved, the tickets will be offered via our site.

Buy tickets - how?

How do I buy a ticket via DOOR?
You can buy tickets by clicking on the blue ‘TICKETS’ button in the event list or on the event page itself. When you click the Door link, you’re automatically led to the ticket shop of the organizer.

Event cancelled

Who should I contact when I have questions about a ticket, or when an event is cancelled?
Door is an online platform where the organizers take care of the event lists, with minimal intervention of the administrators. If you have a question about tickets, you can contact us with the contact form. In case an event is cancelled, you’ll have to contact the organizer. 

Make a complaint

I have a complaint about a ticket shop on your site. Where can I file it?
If you have a question, please check first whether you can find the answer in the FAQ’s. Not found it? Make a complaint by contacting us via the contact form, and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Is DOOR independent?

Is DOOR still independent with all these purchasing opportunities?
We are absolutely independent! Door is not associated with a ticket provider, and would therefore not profit of giving preference to certain organizers in the search results.

What organizers?

What organizers sell tickets via DOOR?
All tickets are sold directly via the organizer of the event. This can be a club owner, a festival organisation, etc.

Manage your profile

How do I create a profile?
You can find the option to register on our login page. Apart from the standard integration of social plugins like Facebook, you can also create a new profile.

Can I add comments and sign up for events without Facebook?
No, you need a Facebook profile to leave personal comments . However, you can sign up for events without a Facebook profile!

How do I delete my profile?
Please rethink this one more time – Door is too much fun to leave! But if you’re sure, you can go to your profile and click on account and account settings. In the bottom right corner you find the option delete account.

How do I change my password?
Next to the login option, you find the option forgot password. If you click on this option, you’ll immediately be led to the password process. Then you’ll receive a mail, in which you find a link to reset your password.

I can’t login, what should I do?
You need a valid email address to create an account. As soon as you register, an activation link is sent to that address. Click on this link and your profile is ready to be used for Door!

Why Door?

Why should I use DOOR?
Why not?! With Door you can easily find your favourite party or artist, safely exchange information so you can see where your friends are going, and buy tickets for the original price.

Do I pay extra costs when ordering via DOOR?
No, all tickets are offered for the original price. It is possible that the original provider makes charges for the transaction costs. Using Door is completely free.

Is DOOR a web shop?
We’re not a web shop, just an informative site that helps the visitor to filter information and to find the best party for an unforgettable night. In this way it is easier to communicate with both the organizer and the visitor.