Sure, we definitely encourage you to discover Amsterdam’s rich nightlife, awesome must-see clubs and incredible festivals. But we do not encourage tourists to spend the rest of the day in bed, when there’s so much culture, great food and beautiful places to see in the city. So if you’re spending only a weekend in Amsterdam, be inspired by these tips and make the most of your Dutch citytrip! We know what to do in Amsterdam in one weekend! Here’s how we imagine your 48 hours in Amsterdam…

FRIDAY NIGHT: Spend the night at Volkshotel
A newly opened, five-floor hotel with 172 top-end rooms, a café, nightclub, exhibition space, restaurant, sauna, hot-tubs and rooftop cocktail bar. Sounds like heaven, right? There’s even more good stuff about the Volkshotel, because club Doka in the basement and restaurant & nightclub Canvas on the 7th floor invite you for lots of nightly adventures. The view over Amsterdam is breath-taking, and with everything you need under one roof, the Volkshotel might just be the perfect hide-out during your Amsterdam weekend.  

SATURDAY: Get the best Amsterdam coffee and bike like the locals
Shake off that hangover and head out – Amsterdam’s waiting for you! Rent a bike on whatever streetcorner you can find a rental place and head off to the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam neighborhood De Baarsjes – you’ll find White Label Coffee there. Take one on the go, or sit down and enjoy breakfast, sipping a delicious cup of shut-the-fck-up-until-I’ve-finished-this and bring your favorite coffee bean blend as a souvenir. 

Visit the royal zoo of Artis
No matter what age you are or how childish your friends might think you are, you’re never too old for a trip to the Zoo. The Artis Zoo was the first one to be established in The Netherlands and it’s located right in the city center. Perfect for your weekend in Amsterdam. Behave like the monkeys, wiggle like the penguins and roar like a lion. What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam (unless your friends have the footage!).

Clubbing at De School
We’ve told you before and we’ll tell you again. De School is THE must-see club when you’re in Amsterdam! Grab tickets online or make it to the club early, so you won’t be missing out on their delicious serving of underground heroes or international names. It’s an old school building, so plenty of sneaky corners to snug and bring out your inner Britney Spears, the techno-version that is. 

SUNDAY – Bike to NDSM or visit one of Amsterdam’s roaring festivals!
Ok, ok…it’s ok to snooze a couple of hours when you’ve been partying like the locals. But mind you, Amsterdam isn’t going to discover itself. We invite you to step on your bike once more, and we guarantee you that a visit to the former NDSM Amsterdam ship wharf will get you to regain energy. Only 10 minutes by (free!) ferry, and you’ll enjoy restaurants, bars, terraces, skateparks and loads of new & old architecture, all with a view of the IJ-waters. If you’d rather not bike around the city, simply check out party agenda for one of the many festivals happening in and around the city, grab a taxi and party on! 

No need to be hipster to enjoy one of the delicious biological & ecological dishes at Café de Ceuvel. It’s got an amazing, open-minded atmosphere and is a great place to catch musicians, filmmakers and several other artists perform. But the food, that’s what we’re in for. Bring the new friends you made over the weekend and end your citytrip to Amsterdam in style!

Or miss your flight and move in with your new bestie and never leave. All up to you. Amsterdam loves you!