Congrats! If you’re reading our blog, it means you’ve either no f*cking clue why, or you’ve just booked a citytrip to Amsterdam! We’re guessing it’s the latter, and that’s just perfect…because we’re here to bring you a little guide on clubbing in our tiny, ever-partying country. First off, we’re going to give you the Top 5 of must-see clubs in The Netherlands. And boy, do they know how to party there. Experience Amsterdam, Groningen or Rotterdam for some of the most underground clubs in The Netherlands and be prepared to have your mind blown.

In Utrecht,  the city of students, there’s one underground place-to-be: BASIS. Take a deep dive into the intimate club, which hosts all sorts of quality techno, house and long all nighters sessions. It is a club in an industrial bunker with no glam decor where, once in a while special happenings take place. BASIS hosts some great parties, with longer sets by less DJ’s, and with more room for dancing. Sounds good, right? Start booking your Utrecht citytrip!



Ok, so you can’t fly to Groningen, but who cares? The Netherlands is a tiny little country with easy access to all of its major cities. Up in the North, you’ll find student city Groningen. And you bet, they know how to party there. At Oost, a place packed with a Funktion One soundsystem, cheerful students and proper line-ups in house, techno, electro and disco. Again, an intimate club that focusses on the music. And well, that’s what it’s all about when clubbing in Groningen, right?  



You’ve probably heard the legendary stories and heartfelt memories of those who visited Trouw? Well, welcome to its successor. De School is the follow-up club to that perfect place, and adds a new dimension to clubbing. A citytrip to Amsterdam should include a night out in De School. With its impressive Funktion One soundsystem, the round DJ booth and other trophies from Trouw, as well as a friendly, laidback atmosphere, long DJ sets and line-ups to die for, De School is one of the most underground clubs in Amsterdam right now. 


RADION Amsterdam, Louwesweg 1 AMSTERDAM

RADION might not be in the center of Amsterdam, it still deserves a visit. Its raw vibe is unrivalled and due to its location outside the center, it invites you to party until dawn. RADION helps making the Amsterdam neighborhood more lively and safe, by attracting young and open-minded people to its raves, club parties and happenings. For quality techno and other electronica nights, you’ll find some of the best parties in Amsterdam right here at RADION. Bring your friends and party with the Amsterdam locals.   


BAR Rotterdam

Rotterdam should definitely be on your to-do list when travelling to The Netherlands. One of the must-see clubs is BAR, a small and intimate club with a diverse taste in music. BAR Rotterdam hosts events with lots of international artists, upcoming and renowned, and is the perfect spot to spend your Friday or Saturday night out.  Where to go in Rotterdam? Start at BAR, or end your citytrip there with a bang! 


Need more clubbing tips and must-see clubs for The Netherlands? Check out our party agenda and you’ll be amazed at how many great clubs and events our little country has!