It’s the one thing your sweet mom worries about at night. Yet it’s the one thing you’ve still got left on your to-do-list. A once-in-a-lifetime experience: getting high and party with drugs. And what better place to do it than The Netherlands, or Amsterdam to be precise? There’s a high tolerance for drugs here in The Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean there’s no risk to it. Since we’re no saints, and we’d rather have you use drugs responsibly, than risk your health or get caught by police. Read on to find out how to buy drugs, how to use it responsibly and what to do when you get caught with drugs! 

Whatever you think, the only thing that’s legal in The Netherlands is soft-drugs. Per day, and unless you’re over 18 years or older, you’re allowed to buy 5 grams of cannabis. You can buy these in one of the many legal coffee shops Amsterdam and many other Dutch cities has. There’s many different kinds of cannabis, and a shop owner will be able to tell you which kind might work best you. You can also try some of the ‘Magic Truffles’, the mushrooms which are sold in Smartshops. Never combine mushrooms with alchohol, cannabis or any other type of drug though!

For someone who hasn’t used drugs before, we recommend to start off with a small drag and wait a bit, to see what effect it has on your body. Never fall for the ‘I don’t feel anything yet - let’s take some more’ trap, because it may take a while for the drugs to have effect on your body. Take it easy and make sure you’re surrounded by people you trust. Never take drugs unless you really want to. Don’t let anyone else make that decision for you. Never use drugs on an empty stomach and always keep a sugary drink at hand. Should you feel dizzy, drink some soda and it should help you feel better. Most Dutch parties and festivals will have a first aid area, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or need medical assistance, feel free to visit them. They never judge and won’t involve police – they’ll only help. Sometimes, all you need is a splash of water, some fresh air and being away from music, to make you feel better.

Now, hard drugs is a completely different story. Though police in The Netherlands has a high tolerance towards hard drugs, that doesn’t make it any less illegal. We strongly advice you not to sell any drugs while you’re in The Netherlands, because you’ll face a penalty if you get caught. XTC, cocaine, MDMA, speed and LSD are all illegal. No matter what you do, don’t buy drugs from drug dealers in the Amsterdam Leidse Square, Rembrandt Square, Waterloo Square and in the Red Light District. It’s usually fake and can be very dangerous, mixed up with a dangerous substance. That’s the very reason you should always get your drugs tested – that’s actually legal in Amsterdam! 15 minutes from the Red Light District, there’s the ‘Stichting Adviesburo Drugs’, where you can get your drugs tested by an expert. It’ll cost you 2 or 3 euros per test, but surely that’s worth it. So, what is the best place to buy your hard-drugs? Well, off of someone who’s actually already enjoying it! It’s not hard to spot someone who’s having a great time, and you can always go up and ask where they got it and if they have anything for sale. 


Most clubs and festivals have a zero tolerance policy for hard drugs, but won’t do anything else than taking your drugs when they discover it. You can be checked for drugs at any time. Normally, when you’re carrying less than 5 grams of softdrugs, max half a gram of harddrugs (cocaine, speed), 1 XTC or MDMA pill, or less than 5ml GHB usually doesn’t lead to any prosecution. You normally won’t be fined then, but sometimes police does register your name and address. If you’re carrying more than the above, you can be fined or even be taken to jail. Conclusion: don’t carry more than that, and take it easy on the drugs. You don’t want your weekend of partying in Amsterdam to end up in jail. For more info, check out this website.