An annual multidisciplinary entertainment festival named as Incubate is going to be held in Tilbrug, Netherlands on 13,14,15 May, 2016. Incubate festival first initially started in 2006 when it was named as ZXZW. However, it was changed to be “Incubate” as there was a similar kind of festival held in Austain named as “SXSW”. Its name was changed on the special request from the administrtaion of US based festival “SXSW” in Austin. 

Among all Netherlands festivals, Incubate festival offers a diverse range of entertainment opportunities to people in the form of contemporary dancing styles, classic and pop music, visual arts and films. This year, it includes diverse art genres such as free jazz, hardcore or punk, indie music and art, metal, post-rock music, psychedelic rock, electronic, ambaint and avant garde music entertainment categories for people coming to attend from all over the world. 

Usually more than 200 artists come to entertain the international audience and it is famous for its black metal, street, academic dancing and free jazz categories. 

Many music bands will also be performing in the Incubate festival 2016. To name a few, music entertianment category incluedes many popular names such as Nurse with Wound, Wolf Eyes, Arpanet, Michael Rother (Neu!/Harmonia), Aluk Todolo, The Rita, Varg, Nordvargr, Prince Rama, Naked Wolf, Hang the Bastard, Conan, Mantar, Colin Webster/Andrew Lisle, Tacocat, Dirk Serries, Ken Vandermark/Nate Wooley, Nap Eyes, Health & Beauty, Olivier Heim, Claw Marks, Terry Malst, Betial Mouths, Cairo Liberation Front, Kevin Verwijmeren, Black Narcissus, Moonflower Warrior, Baby Galaxy, Gewoon F*cking Raggen, Rebel Up! Soundclash, Abysmal Darkening, Unru, The Tubes, The K, The Super Soakers, The Lumes and Toru along with other famous music brands.

Martin Hendriks – Scultpure Falls in a Forest is also included to be exhishting his art in Incbubate Festival 2016. Monsterman and We Are Twisted F*cking Sister are included in the film category whereas “Het Kip: We Might As Well Fail” is present in the theater entertianment category.